Down Range Radio #438: Immobility and Self Defense

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drradio438This week Michael sounds like a soap opera and he brings everyone up to speed on his former right leg. He also starts pondering about the implications for his own self defense…


Episode #438.


Scroll down for reference links on topics discussed in this episode.



Host: Michael Bane


Producer: Marshal Halloway



You can also listen to DR Radio on Stitcher and download it to your mobile phone.



More information and reference links:

Suarez International Viking Survival Knife

Spyderco Ronin 2

Ruger LCR .327

Glock G26 FDE Lipsey’s Special

Trijicon RMR fixed LED

Ted Blocker Holsters

Ken Null Holsters

Survival Sheath Systems

The Music of Vivaldi

“The Four Seasons”

The Music of John Coltrane and Johnny Hartmann

The Music of Marty Stuart



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