On America’s Rifle: Pushing Your AR To Longer Distances

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Jeff Cramblit coaches Michelle Cerino on the fundamentals when shooting an AR at longer distances.


Watch all America’s Rifle videos on OutdoorChannel.com.

America’s Rifle is an Outdoor Channel Online Exclusive produced by Down Range TV’s Michael Bane and Marshal Halloway. It is all about the AR-15 style rifle that is unprecedented on so many levels it’s hard to count! It is the best-selling rifle in America for several years running. In its full auto M-4/M-16 configuration, it is the longest serving military rifle, the most versatile weapons system ever developed and a rifle that serves equally well for self-defense, target shooting, hunting, every conceivable niche. Its modularity, simplicity and ease of modification by non-gunsmiths has spun off a massive industry of parts, accessories, caliber changes, sub-assemblies, optics, stocks and grips, barrels and to the point that the easily configured (and reconfigured) AR-15 has become known as the “Barbie for men.”

America’s Rifle is sponsored by DoubleStar Corp.


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