On American Rifleman TV: Ruger Manufacturing And Their New Precision Rifle

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ARTV takes a look at current manufacturing in Ruger’s New Hampshire plant, specifically their new Ruger Precision Rifle. Later on they’ll review the Stag Arms Model 9 and shoot the Japanese Type 99.


First aired: 8-28-15

Air times on Outdoor Channel: 10-04-15 at 6:30PM | 10-04-15 at 10:00PM | 10-05-15 at 1:00AM, all times Eastern.


Outdoor Channel is available to cable and satellite customers across the United States. Additionally, some cable providers offer Outdoor Channel HD. Click here to look up where to watch the channel in your area.




American Rifleman Television is the on-screen version of the National Rifle Association’s American Rifleman magazine, “the world’s oldest and largest firearm authority.” American Rifleman Television is the pre-eminent source for accurate, compelling, authoritative information on all aspects of firearms, the shooting sports and all Americans’ exercise of the Second Amendment. For more information, visit: www.americanrifleman.org.



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