Down Range Radio #448: Terror is here – you must be prepared!

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dradio448The second largest terror attack in United States… the balloon has gone up… you MUST be prepared!


Episode #448.


Scroll down for reference links on topics discussed in this episode.



Host: Michael Bane


Producer: Marshal Halloway



You can also listen to DR Radio on Stitcher and download it to your mobile phone.



More information and reference links:

The Michael Bane Blog:

Now What?

An Essay You Must Read

On the Unlikelihood of Slaying Monsters

Plan B

Another Red Dawn


“Ten Ways to Avoid Being Killed During a Terrorist Attack”/Bearing Arms

“San Bernardino, the Media and Our National Shooting Match”/All Outdoors

“The Ignorant Crusade”/Rich Lowry/NRO

The Music of Donovan

Raimbaut de Vaqueiras — Troubadour and Poet

The Music of Judy Collins


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