Swab-Its Attending Williams Shooters Supply Dealer Show, Feb. 9-11


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Swab-its logoSPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Swab-its(R), the makers of Bore-whips(TM), Bore-tips(R) and Gun-tips(TM), will be on hand at the Williams Shooters Supply Dealer Show which takes place February 9 through 11.


Dealers attending the Williams Shooters Supply Dealer Show should plan to meet with factory representatives from the Swab-its for product information, including the newly released 50cal / 28ga Bore-tips(R) introduced during SHOT Show, as well as stocking dealer packages and pricing. Williams Shooters Supply carries the full line of Swab-its firearms cleaning swabs.


The newly expanded line of Swabs-its gun cleaning and lubricating swabs now includes nine sizes of Bore-tips – .22cal, .243cal, .30cal, .357cal/9mm, .40cal, 45cal, and .50cal/28ga, 20ga and 12ga.


Bore-whips, engineered specifically for use in cleaning and maintaining air guns, as well as small caliber firearms, are available in both .177 and .22cal. and provide the ideal delivery system to clean and lubricate without the hassle and lint residue of the less effective patches and cotton swabs.


Swab-its(R) has also added a 3″ precision tip to their 9 piece Gun-tips(R) kit. The Swab-its Gun-tips(R) line now offers four distinct sizes and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, while leaving no residue of lint.


All Swab-its products are lint-free, washable and reusable.


For more information on the complete line of Swab-its products visit www.bore-tips.com.

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