Down Range Radio #461: Election Updates, Bravo Concealment and the Mass Casualty Event


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drradio461This week Michael gives a big ole shout-out to Bravo Concealment for their superb customer service, talks about some of the logic behind the “Mass Casualty Event” he’ll be filming later this month and, finally, introduces the world to Serbian underground rock!




Episode #461.


Scroll down for reference links on topics discussed in this episode.




Host: Michael Bane


Producer: Marshal Halloway




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More information and reference links:


The Michael Bane Blog


Michael Bane on Facebook


“Some Republicans Could Back Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump.” Fox News


Bravo Concealment


“LONG RANGE SHOOTING HANDBOOK: A Beginner’s Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting,” Ryan M. Cleckner


“New H-Ks at IWA”/The Firearm Blog


Brethern Armament


‘Vision, Perception, Combat & Court”/WeaponsMan Blog


“Human Factors: Tenerife Revisited,” Journal of Air Transportation Worldwide


“TRAIL SAFE” by Michael Bane


The Music:


The Music of Waylon Thornton


The Music of Two Totems


The Music of Kathleen Martin


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