Down Range Radio #481: Michael’s Scout Rifle Configurations


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Andy’s Leather’s Rhodesian Sling


This week, Michael actually answers a question from listeners on his specific Scout Rifle configurations. He also talks a little about the upcoming season of SHOOTING GALLERY and some of the unique, “only-see-it-on-SG” training you’ll see in 2017.




Episode #481.


Scroll down for reference links on topics discussed in this episode.




Host: Michael Bane


Producer: Marshal Halloway




Find this episode of Down Range Radio on: iTunes | Stitcher




More information and reference links:


The Michael Bane Blog


Michael Bane on Facebook


MyOutdoorTV (The future home of Shooting Gallery Online)


Galco Safari Ching Slings


Andy’s Leather Rhodesian Slings


The Wilderness Rhodesian Sling


Burris Scout Scopes


Leupold Scout Scopes


Timney Triggers


MPI Custom Fiberglass Stocks


Miculek .30 Caliber Compensators


Active Shooter Response Training Center


Centennial Gun Club


The Music of F/i


The Music of the Original Memphis Five


The Music of the Stealing Orchestra


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