On Gun Stories: The Uzi

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GunStories3-1His friends called him Uzi, but Major Uziel Gal never wanted that name attached to the firearm he designed. The Israelis simply ignored his request and the Uzi submachine gun, one of the most iconic firearm in history came into being. Hosted by Joe Mantegna.

First aired July 3, 2013.

Air times on Outdoor Channel: Wed Aug 31: 11:00PM ET | Thu Sep 1: 5:00AM ET | Thu Sep 1: 4:00PM ET | Tue Sep 6: 4:00PM ET.


Outdoor Channel is available to cable and satellite customers across the United States. Additionally, some cable providers offer Outdoor Channel HD. Click here to look up where to watch the channel in your area.

Presenting Sponsor: MidwayUSA

Participating Sponsors:

Daniel Defense, DoubleStar, Rock Island Armory, Otis Techology, Ruger Firearms

Featured guests in this episode:

Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA

Richard Moll, Chief Conservator – Autrey Museum

Gene Pearcey, Competitive Shooter

Steve Russell, Two River Arms Company

Frank James, Historian

Jason Schubert, Curator J.M. Davis Arms Museum

Larry Zanoff: Armorer Independent Studio Services

Steve Sanetti: President National Shooting Sports Foundation

Buzz Mills: President & CEO Gunsite Academy

Ken Fournier, U.S. Air Force Special Operations

D.B. Sweeney, Actor

Tim Clemente, Former Counterterrorism FBI Agent

Reference Links:

Uzi Submachine Gun


Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI)

Israeli Weapon Industries USA (IWI-US)

Recommended Reading:

The Uzi Submachine Gun (Weapon)

Other Links:

Gun Stories Home Page on Outdoorchannel.com

Gun Stories Facebook Fan

Joe Mantegna on Facebook

Joe Mantegna on Twitter

Joe Mantegna’s web site


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