FNS™ Series Expands With New Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Compact Model

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fns9fdeFN America, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the FNS™-9 Compact FDE, an extension of the FNS series of striker-fired pistols. The FNS™-9 Compact FDE will feature a flat dark earth (FDE) polymer frame and durable, scratch-resistant PVD slide coating that have been color matched to ensure consistency. It will also retain the proven ergonomic grip angle and diamond texture grip pattern standard on FNS and FNX™models.

“Flat dark earth began as a military-designated color that FN pioneered with the introduction of the FN SCAR® series in the early 2000s,” said John Keppeler, vice president of sales and marketing. “The color remains a popular choice for military customers and consumers, making this addition a natural extension for the FNS-9 Compact series.”

Two magazine options – pinky extender for better grip, and a full size with grip sleeve for range training and backup use are available for the pistol. A new padfolio-style soft case has also been introduced that makes storage efficient and allows for discreet transportation to and from the range.

The pistol will begin shipping to distribution this month and is expected to be available at retail in December. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price on the new model is $599.



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